Monday, December 2, 2013

Novemeber 2013 Review & December Goals

This month was hard. I had alot of BIG assignments and school events. I am ready for December. I am ready for Christmas events and to be out of school.

A few of my favorite post from October:

I have several ideas planned for December and I can't wait to share them all with you! So you HAVE to come back at least on Friday/Sunday to find out what they are. I will give you hints: advent, Christmas Cards, Ugly Sweater, Seasonal Series and MORE! Yeah this month is going to be great. 

Monthly Goals
Last Months Goals:
Finish Com early --HALF FAIL I couldn't because the teacher changed the agenda 
Take my makeup test --FAIL
Write at least once a day on my book --FAIL I stopped half way because I had to much homework. And cause it's the holidays. Whose idea was it to have NaNoWriMo this month. I say we change it!
Read at least one book --FAIL I tried but then I lost the book I was reading. 
Post to IG daily --SUCCESS 
Start cleaning loft --FAIL Stupid homework...
Go through closet --SUCCESS
Work on Christmas Gift --SUCCESS
Work on Christmas Advent --HALF SUCCESS I painted them and that was it. 
Make one pumpkin flavored something --SUCCESS Kinda cause it tasted awful, guess I will try something else

This Months Goals:
•Take pictures of EVERYTHING
•Read one book
•Start a 25 days of...or post daily on IG
•Get as many people as possible to join the UGLY SWEATER PARTY
•Enjoy the month 
•Start cleaning loft 
•Paint ceiling and add stars

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