Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Interview with MY Character

Interviewer: Today I am with Macdowell White. The Governor of Georgia. He was one of the first to see this deadly decay disease. Although I want to jump right into that topic, lets for awhile pretend things are normal. *grasp stomach for a second*

Interviewer: What made you quite being a doctor and start being politician? 
Mr White: Well, after 30 years of helping save lives and delivering babies, it got old. I was tired from having very long hours and wanted a job that was more excited.

Interviewer: So being a politician is exciting?
Mr White: Oh Yes. *big gin* I have ate with the President, Marshall Day. I have seen more of my home state then when I lived there. I have gotten to know wholesome people and of course some snakes.

Interviewer: Snakes?
Mr White: You know those how those politicians can be! *laughs*

Interviewer: *laughs* Yes. Well there is a rumor saying that you quite being a doctor because your death rate was at an unnormal high.
Mr White: My death rate was high not because I wasn't the best doctor I could be but because I was working with many high risk cases. High risk cases are at a much higher risk then others. I tried everything I could but couldn't save all of them.

Interviewer: Alright, why did you decided to become Governor of Georgia?
Mr White: I grew up in Carl, Georgia. It was my home state and I understand what the people need.

Interviewer: And what do the people need? 
Mr White: They need a local. They need someone to listen and then need that person to act. I can change that state into what it wants to become.

Interviewer: Do you know what Georgia wants to become?
Mr White: You bet I do. Georgia wants to become the best southern state it can be.

Interviewer: Can you expand on----*hunches over and throws up*
Mr White: Sir! Sir!

Interviewer: My body it won't stop hurting. I feel so horrible.
Mr White: Did you encounter them? Did you?

Interviewer: My niece---just died. I cou---ld let her be---alone as she passed.
Mr White: So she bit you didn't she? How long along?

Interviewer: Maybe----10 mi---nutes?
Mr White: *Yells* Does someone have a gun? I am sorry sir but you have to go.

Interviewer: Nooo. No! Let me live! *drops to floor, trying to crawl away*
Mr White: *Yells* F#@& shoot the man! He will kill you all.

Police: Sorry Mr White. I thought we thoroughly checked him. Move away and I will handle it. 
Mr White: Thank you officer. *Walks out of the way but doesn't leave the room. The interviewer is shot.*

Thanks everyone for reading! This part will NOT being appearing in my book because I am writing in first person but I love how it turned out. This was completely randomly done for you.

How far along are you on your book? Are you having as much fun as I am? Keep writing everyone!

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