Thursday, August 28, 2014

#getmessyartjournal Aug Prompt

I am a little later on this post then my other art journal post but that is because my house has been switching schedules everyday so I never know what I am going to wake up too.  Anyways, here is my take on the Self Portrait in Objects. I went with a Totem Pole.
I know that I have Indian in my blood. You can't tell looking at me, but you can see the Indian in my brother. I also thought their culture and way of life was fascinating and sad. However, I do have a relationship with God. The one almighty. I believe Jesus came down, died and gave us the Holy Spirit/Ghost. Yet, I have always looked out to nature for peace and guidance. Not as a religion but as a reminder that God made this. For as long as I can remember I have had dreams about animals, usually only one type. Then to confirm my dreams I would usually see "signs" of that animal. Back to school supplies, greeting cards, gifts,ect. When I was younger it was always the beautiful unicorn. Then as I started to grow, my spirit animal became the dolphin. Playful, fun, curious. It surprises me how much that dolphin represented me at that time. Then about a year ago, I began dreaming of big cats, any and all. Tigers, lions, leopard. Though it wasn't til this year that the leopard was the cat that chose me. I still dream of it. To me, these animals represent me during times in my life. I topped my totem with the classic Thunderbird to syblom my heritage to the Indians. To me, it also represents my greatest wisdom and "protector". The animal I can count on through all of life, which to me is the red-tailed hawk. They are know through-out Florida and I can always hear them calling.

This Totem Pole represents so much more to me then just some animals that I like. This Totem has meaning and I will carry my Totem my whole life. Of course, as I grow older I will add more animals. My Totem will be a true representation of my life.
The text on the page reads- "This prompt took me almost the a whole month to figure out. At first I thought of using clipping of things I enjoyed. Then I thought about doing a painting of a girl. But one night. laying in bed, I realized the best would be for me to show off my spirit animals. That's when I knew I had to paint a totem.
My Spirit Guides=
Thunderbird (Hawk) [top] - Overall wisdom.
Leopard [second to top] - right now (20s)
Dolphin - my teen years; playful
Unicorn - my childhood; innocence"

I hope you enjoyed. There is going to be a video in this post, but I am still editing since my computer doesn't like my editing program. To see larger images go to my Flickr. These images were edited using PicMonkeyAffiliated link provided. 

Get Messy : An Art Journal Challenge | 02 // Caylee GreyGet Messy is an art journal challenge where a gang of crafty vixens are sharing art journal pages we have created to practise our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We share our pages without restraint every week, and once a month we create around a prompt. Go check out these crazy talented ladies who are creating pages who each have a unique perspective and style. We will be sharing our work around social media so follow the hashtag #getmessyartjournal

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Goals // Health

Last week, I wrote about how I have Goal finishing to do. I have finally sat down and wrote down what I would feel I need to do to complete each of my goals. Then I have went back and wrote down tiny steps I can do to help me achieve my main goals. Then I broke them down into categorizes; Home, Health, Work, Personal and Spirit. This post is going to be all about my goals relating to Health

I have been having health issues for as long as I can remember so it's only natural that I had some health related goals starting out my new year. Little did I realize that I was going to end up with alot of health issues this year. However, I am not going to let that get me down. I just need to figure out what the best course of actions is and see how I can approach that where I feel I can mange the goal. 

Health Goal 1 - Walking

When I was in high school (I sound so old now. ha), I used to walk EVERYWHERE. To the store 6 miles? Sure. Walk two miles for fun? Sure. However, when I hit collage my walking stopped. I didn't have time. I was going to four classes a day plus working 15 hours a week. I'm not saying I wasn't active. Oh I was but that's where my decline to walking started. Then I had foot troubles and just standing caused me pain. I think you can see where I am going with this. My point to all this is that my goal would be to walk at least a half a mile. 

Yet just like the rest of this goal series, I know that realitically I can't just hop outside and walk that half a mile. I have lost to much muscle mass, among other issues. I think that I will try walking on a trend mill. Just so you know I am scared of them so I am not sure how well the whole trying it out will go but hopefully I can use that as a way to start, especially since it's Florida and you sweat the minute your out the door. 

Another thing that that I want to do for this goal is start recording what I am doing. If I am going to keep myself accountable, then to be see if I am really living up to what I say. Along with recording, I need to motivate myself. I think the best way is to hang up prints on my bedroom wall so that I can see the inspiration to do what needs to be done. Anybody know an Etsy store I can buy inspirational prints from?

Then I need to just work myself up slowly. I think this will be more trial and error then strict scheduling because I need to listen to my body. I am thinking I am going to try to walk however much I feel every other week, just to get a base line. But if I am under the weather or energetic that might change. I just want to be more activate then I am now so I can be activate when I am 60+.

Health Goal 1 - Medical Concerns 
I know I have a whole list already of medical related goals. However, I want this goal to be more about being aware of my medical concerns. I don't want this goal here just so I can check it off. This goal is about personal growth, discovery and personal health. I want to know what's truly going on in my body for myself. Not for a doctor or wellness trainer. I need to know for me. 

The best way to achieve this set up a medical binder. I know it sounds over board but if something really is wrong with me then the binder should be able to show that. I also have already started tracking the general health stuff, which I plan to share in a video but I also need to keep with other stuff. Stuff like what family member had what and when was I admitted where. See? Keeping all that straight while in pain is hard to do. 

After that I just need to record everything. I do mean everything. I want to keep a detailed list of how much I ate, sleeps and ect. I plan on sharing all of this here on the blog. But first I just have to make a place for it all. 

As you can see my health goals aren't about loosing weight or making sure I eat healthy (which is another problem) but also about how I take care of myself. Am I doing what it takes to makes sure I live longer now? What about you? Do you have health related goals? Are you trying to loose weight or just walk? Let me know below. Maybe we can be partners to keep each other accountable. =]

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Goals // Work

Yesterday I wrote about how I have Goal finishing to do. I have finally sat down and wrote down what I would feel I need to do to complete each of my goals. Then I have went back and wrote down tiny steps I can do to help me achieve my main goals. Then I broke them down into categorizes; Home, Health, Work, Personal and Spirit. This post is going to be all about my goals relating to Work

I should state that these goals of work, mean anything that I can make money doing. I can not handle a full time job due to my health issues. Also, James and I both believe that the man should work, while the women attends the home. That is our beliefs. That being said, I would still like to tribute to our family in someway. The following goals are ways that I think I could do that. 

Work Goal 1 - Writing

I would love to one day write a book. I am sure there are many like me. Just dreaming. However, I know that I can't just state I want to write a book without some kinda of back-up. I am going to somehow make this HUGE unrealistic (to me) goal of mine seem more manageable. For me, I know that realistically I won't be able to sit down and write whenever, however or as long as I want. The place where I staying and my skill level, will not allow writing like that. I think for me it would be best to break this goal down into very bite sizable tasks. That way I can achieve what I can, when I can but I don't feel so overwhelmed by it. 

The first thing I need to be doing to improve my writing is to read more classics. I am ashamed to say that I don't think I have but one and that was forced for class. In my defense I thought I would be reading more classics when I attended college. I didn't find out until freshmen year that, you don't read book in class unless your in a lecture class for a lecture major. I was/am not getting a lecture major. Back to my point, I need to pick up Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman and all the others. By the way, if you know a great classic book club I could join let me know! I think to be honest I would due best if I read one classic every quarter of the year, or every four months. 

Yet just because I read books, does not mean that my writing will suddenly change. I need to improve my writing other ways. For me I think it would be best to read a skill writing book every month. Not just a book about how to write a book but also the ones that help improve your writing overall. I did have Communications 1 in college, and since then I have been very cautions of my writing, yet if I really want to make some money off of writing then I need to continue. I need to read more on how to improve your writing. 

Then I need to put that reading about writing into true practice. By practicing my writing, I need to be writing something other then blog posts or journaling. I need to write short stories, poems, or tib-bits from my book ideas or any prompts given to me in the writing books. As I stated above, writing will be the hardest part because of where I am physically. I think I need to break down my practice on writing to once a month (goes along with the reading) when I feel comfortable. Then I can increase my writing to every other week, if and when I can. However, I want to be honest and state that the time for me to truly practice my writing might not happen til I move. I am okay with that. I just need to remember that as go on. 

After all that, when I feel that my environment and skill will allow me. I would like to write every week, then everyday. I know everyday is far fetched but I need to be able to have the mind set and skill set to do so. Also, to be a professional writer, I should write everyday. Even if what I write is not up to snuff. 

Work Goal 2 - Vlogging

One day I would like to also make some money of video blogging-vlogging. Yet, I don't want to do this to be famous. I just want to be able to have another platform to share my ideas, likes, and creations. I know many youtubers that stay home and make videos as there full time job. I think that would really awesome. However I know I can't just start off throwing videos together, slap them on YouTube and call it a day. I could not do, others might but I can't. Ideally, to get the subscribers needed for money making, I would need to create a video every week. Yet for the same reason that I can't write everyday is the same reason that I can't make videos at least not in the home.

For me, I think the best way to break down that goal is to see if I have another way of filming, or recording, videos. Could I go to the park to film? Is there a conference room in the library I could use? What about my health issues? For me, I need to see if I could film around the chaos of my environment. 

When I discover either a place to go or if I will be staying in home, then I feel I should start slowly. I need to record and edit maybe once a month. That way I am not overwhelmed, or distracted and have plenty of time to do what needs to be done. 

Then whenever I figure the best time/place or when I move, then I can start recording on a every other week, to completely weekly. 

Work Goal 3 - Blogging

Another way that I could make a little money is by blogging. I know that I am already blogging, however I need to really become more serious about it, if I plan on making money. I need to grow, gain followers, be true to me, blog regular and gain sponsors to feel I am ideally where I want to be. I just need to figure out what works best for me before I can feel I am where I should be. 

This goal has alot to it and mostly depends on what I need/want so the bite sized tasks are going to be harder to write out. I think the first step is seeing what it take to be a full time blogger (not that I want to be full time but just seeing the steps). Then I can decide how to best tailor fit those tasks for my blog and me. 

Along with that, I need to figure out a scheduling/post system for me. I know right now I am a lifestyle blogger so I can really post anything I want, whenever my heart feels like it. However, to really draw in followers/readers I need to be more consistent. I just need to figure out what do I really want to write about. After I pick out themes for each day so that I can have an easier time. Also I have heard having themed days helps your readers know when to expect a post they would be interested in.

So far, I think that I am off to a good start on what I need to be to be doing in blogging, yet I know no matter how much hard work I put into blogging, the best is just to allow time. Time is what will help my blogging, writing, and vlogging the most. 

Do you have any tips or ticks for any of the goal listed above? Are you trying to improve one of them? If so let me know below. I am also happy to receive emails as well. 

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