Welcome to Catching Cody K. I am Cody Doll, in case you couldn't tell. I grew up in a small town off the coast of Florida with a special needs brother. I would say I had a broken home life. It was not all bad but it wasn't easy. I don’t remember much from my younger childhood but I do remember creating art. I am now in college living with my partner James. I am currently taking a break from college because of health issues. During this, I have rediscovered art and the new world of art journaling this year. Art journaling has completely changed things for me.

Since I started art journaling, great things have happened. I have joined two amazing groups: Get Messy and Documented Life Project. Both groups are supportive. They teach me different styles and techniques of art that I won’t have found otherwise. Being able to art journal has helped me to feel more open and accepting. I express myself, which was something I found so hard, within the pages. I have freed myself with help of art.

Catching Cody K sprang up out of boredom but has evolved into so much more. This blog has become about sharing my experiences-the good and bad. I have shared when going to college and my medical journey. I want my blog to be a place of inspiration-like when I share my art. I want Catching Cody K to be a place where others can connect and belong to a community. 

Also I have some new features: This year I have decided to get serious about One Little Word, and every month I post a new topic to strength my word free. I also have a ton of monthly posts like; Smash Book Updates, Currently, Book Reviews, and Being Grateful

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