Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Gifts and Swap Ideas

I thought since Christmas is coming up and I am sure you are going to have tons of family, friends, office and so on type parties that you might be wondering what are you going to do. Don't worry I thought I would share these clever ideas that could solve some of your problems. And don't worry if you don't like most of these. I have another one coming tomorrow with a whole new concept on giving gifts. 
Side-note: I found these ideas here and improve/changed most of them. 
Have to give credit where credit is due. Images via Google.

I bet I know what everyone will love the most on this list. 
But either way I hope I brought something good up. 
If you have any other gift ideas or traditions you would like me share or check out, link them in your comment. Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for more!
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Favorites Swap

About a month ago I sign up for this lovely swap.
I was paired with Taylor from Taylor Made, shes from England!
It was sooo cool getting to know her. 

She not only had in it wrapped in the package but then in two other.
To cute though.
Excitement filled me when I saw this. :D 

More unwrapping. It's like Christmas! lol

Individual look that it all 
I put just about everything into my journal. 
 How cute I look in my scarf.
I am sooo happy. This came at the right time for this FL gal.

Just to let you know::
EVERYTHING smelled like my candle, pumpkin spice.
Even my journal and it still does.
I am very excited to use everything she gave me.
Go visit her blog and tell her how sweet and amazing she is!
What a great partner and a wonderful swap!
Have a good weekend.
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