Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I have not blogged here in about four months. In February, it was just Holiday burn out. Then March came and I started thinking about my blog until April happened. April was one of those months that plow right through. June passed right on by and now it's July. 

However, during all that time off I have been thinking. I read several articles online about our social media impact. About what we post online and the affects it has. Those articles really has me thinking. I might not care today what I post but in tens years, things might change. I don't want too much of myself to be online yet I don't want to give up blogging. So where is the balance? Where do I know to draw the line? More importantly, then what do I blog about? I thought over these questions during my unexpected time off.

To me, a blog is very public, anyone can stumble upon and read. It's a great resource, if use correctly. Blogging can build relationships, give great help articles and be an outsource. However, I've seen one one too many blog fall into the negative. I've see them share WAY to many details about their home life and I can see it tare away their personal relationships. I can see the great holes where a nasty person can weasel themselves in. Blogging that way doesn't look good and what's worse, blogging that way is not hard. In fact,many pins on pinterest help follow that path.

I will not be one. I will not let my blog be a place to whine, complain or be negative.  Sure, it's life and it's hard. But that doesn't mean you should write, or spit, out as the tough times rolls. Blog afterwards, when you can turn negative into positive.

With that written, I will be withdrawing all my post written about my life. The people in my life deserve privately, even if they said okay. I don't need to tell their story, it is their and theirs alone. Another thing, I would never want something I wrote to bite me later, even if it seems harmless. The internet is an unforgiving place. Even small mundane stories or photos can be turned and twisted, I have been there and seen it.

That doesn't mean I can't have a blog. Nor doesn't mean goodbye. Just that I will no longer blogging here on this blog anymore. Follow my artist journey: https://codydollstudio.wordpress.com/

Thank you everyone for following me. I hope you understand. If you don't that's alright. I hold nothing against anyone.

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Neja Ribnikar said...

Great post! I struggled with same things. I didn't want to write about too personal things, but at the same time I felt that blogging is meant to be personal. I keep it pretty positive on my blog, because the world is cruel as it is, I wanted to create a positive little world of mine=). I followed you on tumblr! Good luck, Neja