Monday, January 19, 2015

Take Me Deeper Study // Week Two

Thanks to one of my favorite blogger, Mary Brack, I found Take Me Deeper Study. This isn't really an art group but a weekly devotional that gives you ideas (prompts) to help build your relationship with God through the year. Most of us have decided to respond through art, but it's not required.

The study has a monthly theme that the devotions center around. January's month is all about Transforming. Week One's devotion was about Transforming Willingly. Week Two's devotion was about Transforming Vulnerably. Below is my art take on the devotion and a bit about my creation.

I was reading the study last week, I realized how related the two devotions are (and probably all will be). I decided that since we were still taking about Transforming from the inside that I would continue with the heart from last week. From there I thought about what God was speaking to me.
"Sometimes we have to move past Barriers to open up to God + others" 

Although the study was about being vulnerable, I heard God whispering about barriers and how those barriers can block us or hurt us. That is why I painted a rose bush. Our barriers sometimes hurt us, and others, more then protect. If we learn what the barriers are then we can remove them. Once the barriers are removed, then can we open our vulnerable hearts up to God and to others (like I did last week).  
So far I have been really enjoying this study and creating art for God. It's not the most complicated art but it works it's purpose. I hope that you were able to get something out of my blog or if not at least enjoyed the art. 

Are you creating for God? Are you creating art at all? Share you thoughts or links below!

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Tracy said...

Beautiful pages Cody :)

Jamie Lynn said...


hi I saw your tweet today (2-11-15) with the #hotmessart & thought it was a member of theHOTmessARTgang lol as that is the hastag we use on occasion for our hot mess art'ness lol

have a blessed day

APG Jamie