Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FREE Yearly Editorial Calendar for ANY blogger

This is a simply layout for Make sure that you are signed in or create an account. Then just click the link above to access the layout. Highlight all or Ctrl+A and then copy by keyboard, Ctrl+C. Then create a new spread sheet for yourself and paste the layout inside, Ctrl+V. Now just rename to whatever you want and you have a simple, free editorial calendar.

Once you have it saved I would recommend adding in any holidays, festivals, and anything else  that you celebrate. That way you can remember when something is, like Corn Festival, and plan around it. Also if you really get stumped try adding a new column to the layout meant just for silly national/state days; such as eat a hot day day, tickle your dog and free hug days. That way you always have something that you can act on and post about.

Your welcome. ;]

Check out this post for idea on how to create blog post for the year. Or come back here to find out more. 

Update 10/19/14: I am afraid this is no longer available thanks to google changing google drive.

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Lisa Ann Bernard said...

This link didn't work for me. :-(

Anonymous said...

or me =(