Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Smash Book Journal // Documenting 2014

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals that I would like to complete as the year went on. One of those goals was to journal this year. My first diary appeared when I was about 5. I wrote in and out of it for years. Then during a dramatic time in my life I bought a journal and wrote in it everyday to vent and figure out life. Yet, once I started college my journal became a planner and I had everything detailed out. That was two years ago and then I just stopped writing. Although my blog is a great way to document, sometimes I need a place to let myself be free. I need to write things out or creative something out of my mood and being digital doesn't always do that, and sometimes isn't safe.

I was browsing the internet when I came across the perfect way to document the year without costing alot. I am making a smash book journal. A journal in case you didn't catch it. I have bought journaling cards that I am going to write the day on and I can't wait to show you how the book is turning out. I think that the smash book  perfect for just getting my day on paper without being having the perfect "look" or without trying to fill out a huge diary page. The book also allows me to be creative, which is another goal of mine.

Last but not least, another reason that I like smash book is that since I am trying to embrace my one little word, free, I wanted a way to keep up with it and remember the word. Smashing it is a great idea. I can remember when I embraced the word or when  I went against my word.

I picked up my smash book at Joanns and I had a coupon for 40% off so the book was only eight dollars. The smash book that I choose is a Smash Smart because it has alot of really neat school pages inside. Since I am taking two sciences classes this semester, I thought the book would fit perfectly. I am hopping to use the book through this semester or 16 weeks.

I already have alot of the pages planned out and I am working on getting them together. I was thinking about vlogging my progress. What do you think? How do you want to see my pages? Do you have a smash book or do you another method to keep up with your days?


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Donna said...

So excited you've joined the Smash Book "team"!