Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dollar Tree Finds

I love having Instagram. I was on it about a week ago and I discovered DollarTreeLady; she is always posting the finds that she gets at her local Dollar Tree. I thought that would make a great blog post and stashed the idea for later. Well, I went to the dollar tree for some random supplies and here is what I came out with. Most of my buys were for my new craft addiction and how I plan to store//use.

1. Snack Storage Containers -- These were two for one so I only spent four dollars on eight. I planned on using these store scarps of paper but take up more room then I thought so I am just using the round ones for storing paper clips and stick pins. They are awesome because they have a little opening in the top so I don't have to open the whole thing up.

2. Dolly Hearts -- I bought these to craft with, for my smash book.

3. Washi Tape (!!)  -- Yup I found four "washi" tape at the dollar tree. That's like half of the normal cost.

4. Vaseline -- For my dry skin. It works the best, no alcohol or funny smells.

5. "Hello My name is" Labels -- Also bought for my smash book.

6. Chips Ahoy Cookie Snacks --Cause well, who wouldn't. I am the cookie monster.

7. St. Pattys Socks -- I love holiday socks. Plus, my socks seem to be getting eaten by the washing machine or something because I have a ton of single pair socks. Any ideas on what I could do with them?

8. St Pattys Scarf -- This is a Fl scarf, which means that it is really thin but it will be soo warm by March here that it will work great. I can't wait to create an outfit for it.

9. Dividers -- Bought for my school but after using them, I don't like them. The clear divider is really hard to see. Luckily it's the first one but I will probably different ones soon.

10. Pencil Pouches or pencil holders -- These were bought for school as well but I found them really useful for storing scarps of paper, paint samples and more for crafts. They are great because they are flat so they don't take up room and I could put them in a cute binder that holds craft stuff later on.

11. Coupon Holder -- Also bought for the intention of hold scarps but then I loved the pencil pouches better. And I have coupons taking home anyways.

12. St Pattys Stickers -- Can't really smash a St Pattys Day without stickers to match!

13. Photo paper -- I couldn't believe when I found Polaroid printer photo paper in the dollar tree. There is really two sizes there. One is a 8x11 for either a collage or really big pictures and then a 4x6 for smaller collage or photos.

I plan on making a post soon about how I use all these or different ways you can use them, probably in march so keep an eye out.


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Megan said...

Fun! The Dollar Store does have a lot of great stuff. I just never remember to go in there because it's not conveniently located. I love places like that though- like the dollar bins at Target-it's like a treasure hunt. :)