Monday, November 11, 2013

Influenster Varsity Voxbox Review

**I received the Influenster Varsity Voxbox for an honest review.**
1. Tide Pods-I am very sensitive to most laundry detergents but tide so I am excited to be able to try these out.
2. AirHead Extremes-CANDY! is my first thought but after tasting them, they were good. Kinda like the ribbons they make. Not sour just sweet so it was a plus in my book.
3. NYC Lip Balm-The last NYC balm I tried had a horrible funky smell. This one does too. Plus it takes away the color of my lips. Not really a fan.
4. Kiss Nail Designs-I am excited to try these. The last pair that Influenster sent me were those fake nails and everyone know they don't last but two hours. I have heard alot about these sicker nails so I will be trying them soon.
5. Clearasil-My skin is sensitive to face wash. I break out more when I wash alot or with certain brands. I tried Clearsil once before but I defanteilty am willing to try again.

I haven't tried these out yet but I will be soon. Check out tomorrows post as why I didn't...

Check out this awesome affect and this amazing designer:

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