Monday, December 23, 2013

Donation Change

Merry Christmas Eves Eve. I'm not the only one to celebrated this am I? Anyways...

I know many of you remember my Angel Tree Giveaway. I was planning on going to Publix or Walmart two weeks ago to pick out the lucky child. Well that week my foot was operated on and I didn't get out at all. Yet, I figured I would be able to go the next weekend. Over this weekend  I went out and searched all the grocery stores and no one had an angel tree. I am pretty bumped out but I am determined to give back this year.

I am thinking about donating the money to the hospital that my brother stayed at. He was there for 8 weeks and they did all they could to make him feel better. I believe donating to them would mean even more because of the reason. I want to apologize to those that donated to me in hopes of helping an angel tree this year, however you will be helping children. I am going to call the hospital within the week to see if I can find out information about donating. If donating is allowed, I will take a trip with my brother and we will donate in person. He will be happy to be able to help children.

If donation of any kind are not allowed then I will be sending the money to St Jude. That way I can give back and be able to help out all those children.

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