Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seasonal Series: WINTER Intro Post

Introduction: "I was cruising through blogs and saw a lot of bloggers posting about autumn/fall. I wishing that there was a blog post that had all these wonderful tips, ideas and tricks in one place. That is when I thought of the amazing Seasonal Series Link Up,  a link up for the beginning of every season to gather all those amazing posts through-out that season. She then sent an email to Modamama to join in again for this season."

Get ready ladies (and gents), the time to link up will be December 18, 2013 so save your new holiday/winter posts for then. And don't forget the Seasonal Series Autumn will still be open so you can add your Halloween Tricks, Thanksgiving celebrations, and all those wonder autumn/fall posts you worked so
hard on.

And if you could please add this button to your sidebar that would mean alot!

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