Friday, December 6, 2013

Give cats love this season

In case you haven't noticed, I am a huge cat fan! I mean big. I have saved two in the last year and alright I can see that there are more that need help. Another blogger, Dana from Wonder Forest, is having cat troubles and it makes my heart sad so go over and help her if you can. Since we are speaking on cats I figured I would tell you guys a few new developments going on.

First is that about five/six months ago my mother was mean and put our cats outside. Not that she doesn't feed them but she did it because of selfish reasons. I told you my mother isn't the greatest person. Anyways, Sugar adjusted just fine but Koda has disappeared, neither me or my mother has seen him. The photo of the black cat above is the last one that I have of him. I don't want to the think the worst and I truly believe that he has found a girlie friend and that's why he hasn't been around. However I don't know. It makes me mad that my mother did that to him. He was my cat yet because I dont't have my own place I am defenseless to say no--yeah that's my mom for you. Just pray/hope that I can convince my mother to bring Sugar in the house once the true cold weather hits.

The other thing is that James and I have seen several stray cats outside. The weather in Florida is finally starting to cool down and I am worry about those strays. I wish I was able to bring them home and get them a place to live. I really really do. I am having a feeling that I am going to buy a small farm and have a huge heated barn filled with cats.

That brings a question to my mind: cats are just as good as dogs so why do we see more stray cats then dogs? Maybe it's the location in this state but really all we see is cats, never dogs. But I am going to save that post for another day.

Anyways, I hope that you will understand that cats need love to and if you can give them a home or help in some way please do! And if you want to give me your small farm, I am cool with that too.

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