Sunday, December 1, 2013

#KLRphotoaday Review

I follow alot of people on my instagram but I really love to follow shops. I don't remember how but I ended up following the Shop Kiki La'Rue (@shopkikilarue). They seriously have the cutest clothes and the best pr that I have seen. You can really tell the owners care and love their products and customers. This brings me back to the beginning of November when I saw that KLR was doing a #photoaday on Instagram. I was immediately happy because their prompts for the days were really simply and easy, easier then that other photoaday person. Then I read their description of how 3 people could win $100 dollars to their shop for completing each day and I was hooked. I haven't bought anything from their store yet but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see if I could. I mean come on it's free money!
1. My smile is always brought out by my bf. =] // 2. Featers are Bling Bling to a cat. // 3. Selfie Sunday // 4. Last item I purchased (at that time) was from @shopdillondavis, an IG shop // 5. I love him-MY (not family) first cat Koda. Look at those eyes! // 6. Sunset but I missed it cause of time change so here is the MOON. haha. // 7. Quote: "It's better to TRY then to wonder what if" - Me. // 8. Someone I love is my special needs bother Soren. This is a picture of him alseep in the car. We both fall easily to sleep in vehicles. // 9. Currently I was trying to organize what I was going to put into my shop. // 10.  My motivation for this challenge was KLR giving away $100 dollars but I am not sure if that was what the prompts was asking... // 11. My Best Friend/Boyfriend and I drinking hot chocolate in our new vintage mugs // 12. Shine Bright. Don't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter. // 13. 8pm at school, I was doodling some funny Christmas  designs for watercolors. // 14. Throw Back Thursday was a picture of my brother and I. I was aboutten he was about seven. // 15. Before and After of my little Sugar. She has gotten so much bigger at 6 month. // 16. Favorite person to follow on IG with no other connections is @pollyfern. I love her art work! I mean she can paint!  And her little bird is just adorable.  // 17. Someone(s) who inspire me: Aunie (IG: @auniesauce) from Aunie Sauce blog. Julie (IG: @awkwardtoart) from From Awakward to Art blog. Julie (IG: @julieannart) from Julie Ann Art blog. and Shane (IG: @shaneobaneo) from Whispering Sweetly blog. These women rock my socks of with what they do and how much they care, not just about me but the world. They are sweet and kind ladies that you should follow. // 18. Black and white picture of bikini and winter jackets. Just another day in Florida. Also those bikinis are full price, not half. // 19. #klrrao or KLR royal act of kindness. Mine was hanging these flyers about Cracker Christmas all over school even though I wasn't asked and it severally hurts when I walk. // 20. Style Inspiration belongs to Joanna (IG: @joannahaughton) from Modamama blog. She has the funniest wardrobe. I love to see what she is going to wear. She doesn't fear style at all! // 21. Morning Ritual that day was a blur because I had to get ready for school. Most days it's drinking hot tea with my baby after refusing to get out of bed for an hour. haha. // 22. My softest scarf that I made is being worn by my handsome man. // 23. My favorite KLR item are those palazzo pants. I am not sure if I could pull them off but they look amazing and probably are comfy. // 24. A screen shot of my wishlist from KLR which is much much bigger this. // 25. This is SUPER cheesy but I can't live without him. Realist yes I could but he has made me who I am and I know without him I would be a complete mess. ='] // 26. My arm candy  that day was this fat cat--boo and his owner. // 27. I am proud of all the crafts that I have trying and picking up. // 28. Happy Thanksgiving. I had alot to be thankful for! // 29. Best Black Friday deal is at my shop. Buy one get one half plus free shipping til Monday at 11:59pm. // 30. The family Christmas tree in the living room, undecorated. Not sure when the ornaments will go up but James and I currently don't have ornaments. Soon that will change. Plus we are thinking of buying our own tiny tree. //

There you have it. 30 days of photos. There were only two days that I missed that I easily caught the next day. I really hope to win but if not the challenge was fun and I really want to do another photo a day for December. I was thinking of getting an "elf" only maybe a barbie or something and doing my own "elf on a shelf" thing but I don't know. Guess we will see. 
Also I have a TON of things planned for this month so you have to stop by on Sundays to make sure you didn't miss the fun. 

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