Thursday, September 25, 2014

Get Messy // September Prompt

This month's Get Messy's Prompt was about living adventurously. I decided to paint something that I always have wanted to and would make as my dying wish: to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights. I think my love for them started when I watched Balto when I was little. I also really want to see a dog sledding race and do all things Alaskan.

We were challenged this month to doing something different that we hadn't done before. This turned out to be the hard part of the challenge. How was I to paint something in a different way or with different materials and still be able to convey what I the picture was about? It wasn't til I recieved an artful email that I realized there is something I haven't done before; so, I decided that I would try finger painting the picture. It was alot harder then I expect it to be and I don't think it turned out as well as I had in my head but that' okay. I painted it and that's more then enough for me.

I also decieded that this month I would record the process and share it all with you. Below is my video. Ignore the bad hair I was having. I didn't feel like rerecord the into for it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your pages, and that you've decided to do process videos. It's fun to watch :)

Melissa Marie said...

I really love this spread! It makes me want to go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights! :)

Anonymous said...

Gasp! This painting is so beautiful! You can totally tell what it is -- as a matter of fact, the fingerpainting aspect seems also to capture your passion for the idea. The energy really comes through. These pages are gorgeous. I think you should fingerpaint some more! :)

Briella Lane said...

Your painting really is lovely. Well done.cant see the vid at the moment, will check back.

Vanessa said...

you NAILED it Cody! What a great technique and the page turned out beautifully.

Tessa said...

Wonderful work! I love the painting and your idea of traveling to Alaska sounds so amazing!! I hope you get to go one day. :)

Eliza said...

yipee I can comment now!! :) so first of all, I love that you did a video of your process. It's so neat peeking into the actual making of the pages.

As for the actual pages, I'm in love with the idea of finger painting! I need to get my hands on some acrylic paint and try it myself. I haven't done it in years, probably since preschool haha!

I've been enchanted by northern lights since I was a kid, so I definitely understand your desire to see them. Such a beautiful natural wonder of the world ^^