Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Foot Troubles

The photos listed below are about a wort on the bottom of my foot. I dealt with this pain for months! I thought it would be best to share what I went through (photos and all) so that others my gain something from this. 
For the last couple of months, my foot has been giving me problems. At first it was sore and look like a bump. I thought I got a splinter in it. After digging in it trying to look for the wood or glass I found nothing. Then after a few weeks the pain got worse. To the point where I had a true limp. It was finally time to go to the doctors. That is tiny dot was cause server  pain. 
I went to my general doctors said they was a wart. They froze it and told me I would have to come back a few times.  I went back for 5 weeks and still the pain grew. The photo above is from around that time. I was to the point where I would not walk. It also by this point started to spread. I knew I had to go to real foot doctor so my mother called a made an appointment. Unfortunately I still had a month to go. 
Well then two weeks ago my foot became INSANELY itchy. I mean I tried everything: calamine lotion, Benadryl cream and then toothpaste. The toothpaste work! But it left my foot so dry that it was still itching so I remember my grandmother saying try epsom salt. I tried it and it got rid of my itch without drying my foot. I had been soaking my foot with eposm salt every night til the doctor. The photo above is what my foot looked like last week. It looks like a heart and you can see the wart spread. It was much much more puffy this before the eposm salt. 
I finally went last week on Thursday. He said that it was warts but he was concerned with the color of it. So on Thursday I am going to get the wart cut and they will send it to biopsy. I was completely fine til this appointment. I knew that they were going to have to cut my foot. I was fine with that. I am scared about the biopsy. So guys I need some encouragement and prayers. I am really scared but I need to get this done. Thanks. 

Also on a side note: I think that I killed my wart with eposm salt. I have seen signs that my wart is smaller and I feel it healing as you can see in the last photo. I will find out for sure TOMORROW! Wish me well.

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Beth W said...

Yowch! Don't worry- it'll be fine. I can't tell you how many times a dermatologist has told me one of my moles looked cancerous, cut it off and sent it to be biopsied, and it came back totally fine and normal. Seriously- over a dozen times. You'll be fine, I promise. :)