Monday, July 22, 2013

Coffee & Conversation: Social approval

Coffee & Conversation

Coffee & Conversation
 Question: How important is social approval to you? 

When I first saw this question I though what an easy question but then I got to thinking. Social approval. I know what approval is but what about social. Does this question mean social as the ones closest to you? What about social as your peers/co-workers? Or in does this question mean people you don't know by encounter? Or does it go as far society itself? With question come out like that then it changes the answer, doesn't it.

I think it safe to say that many of would say no we don't need approval of friends, that's what friends are for but can you believe that I had a friend that only had me around to show off how much better she was. She was my "best friend" yet she only treated me as tool. As way to fanult how good she was compared to me. She wasn't the only friend I had like that either. I finally got away from her. I hope for her happiness but not compared to me. I know we are all different and that not everyone is going like me or you but approval isn't really something you should base your friendship on. Though, because of this, I realized that maybe deep (reallllllllly deep) we search for approval of the ones closest to us. Maybe. It's something I can't answer for you but maybe that is what makes friends so close, they approve of your silly little ways.

I want to pose an answer to the last question I asked, I think this one sums up my answer for ALL the questions. Or does it go as far as society itself? I believe so. You want to prove that you are a working, sane and capable citizen. If you have ever been in jail, then you know how valuable this since of approval is. We are all given the chance to show we are approved by our government when we are able to freely work anywhere. When I was talking to James, he said no. He didn't care but I don't think he saw it the way I did. He was thinking of America the people. I was think of America the land of the free, American the land of chances. So although, we might not care what people think of us as individuals we want to at least show our country that we are stable and capable members working for the greater good of country.


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