Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

I don't know how many of you remember I posted last week that I was helping out with VBS, well here is the follow up post. Captions and explanations under the pictures. 
The little kids LOVE these puppets. I wasn't one this year but they did a good job.
Arts class is my favorite! <3 This is from night one. Left: Soren Top: Cheyenne Bottom: Brittany & Meg. 
After Snacks, it's bible lesson time. Each night is a different teacher and they love to go all out. The top is from Monday night. Ms Martha was teaching about the birth of Moses and the bottom is from Tuesday night. Ms Lue and her husband George (not pictured) teaching about Moses and the Burning Bush.
I didn't play any games. I am not very good at them but everyone else seemed to have fun.
This is Mrs Nancy. She is a huge help to the church. Each year she dresses up in something. Left: Cast-away Wilson (yes, like the movie) Top: "grandma" (that is her grandson, Luke) Bottom: Wilson in armor. 
Soren was given an "offical" VBS shirt, that he wore every night. He was also given a brand new BK crown to wear every night. He isn't spoiled...jk. He is really loved by the church. I love this photo of him.
This is me. They had this a photo opt prop. I of course decided to take advantage of it. I did my own hair in the #auniefriartuck method, only with a small headband. I had a long string of peals that I just laid on top. Easy and pretty. <3
So I am going to leave you with this unedited photo of meg and me chillin during games. 
Note: Snacks isn't photoed because I was the helper. Music was also not photoed because the evil teacher wouldn't let me, jk. She isn't evil but she didn't let me record//photo because it would make the other kids jealous. psh. FYI: I can't wait til next year!

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