Monday, July 29, 2013

Sponsors July 2013

Hey Readers! It's been a great summer so far and I am enjoy this blog and my wonderful sponsors. I am really bummed about PaassionFuirt changing to paid account. I understand but I don't get paid from my blog--yet. I would love to but I haven't gotten anyone to pay for a larger spot so I guess I am doing it by hand from now on. Anyways, I have asked all my sponsors to write me about their favorite summer memory. Check out what they said.

About WTMF and Laurie
"This small town Idaho girl met a small town West Virginia boy, we got married and have been traveling the world with the Air Force ever since!  We have 3 kids and a Westie who accompany us.  We have lived in Alabama, Iceland, Japan, and are heading to Germany in Nov 2013.  I'm a labor doula, photographer, substitute teacher, wife, mother, DIY'er, crafter, just to list a few.  We have endured 4 deployments.  I love traveling to new locations, meeting amazing friends along the way, and of course posting all about our adventures! 
Favorite Summer Memory this year
My favorite memory this summer was seeing my husband walk down the the airport hallway returning from his deployment, 444 days apart!  This was the longest deployment we have been through and had to face many challenges that made us grow stronger as individuals, a couple, and as a family.  Now that he's home safe we can focus on getting ready to move to Germany!"
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About CTAM and Michael
"Hi! I'm Michael and I blog over at CrazyTragic{almost}Magic. I tend to write about a bit of everything. At least I try. My interests vary so one day you might see me talking about my adventures around NYC, or a horrible dating experience, and the next you might see what I’m currently reading or planning to read. It might be a concert this month, or baby pics galore the next."
Favorite Summer Memory this year
"So far, I have two favorite summer memories this year. The first happened at the end of July when my boyfriend K and I had us a little staycation. We went to a winery, the drive in, the Orange County Choppers shop, the Dine-In theaters, and the state fair all in one weekend. It was nice to just relax, not have to worry about the time and do as we pleased. Plus, the winery was gorgeous, and delicious. It was my first time and I’m now on a mission to go to as many as I can. The second memory happened just a few weeks ago. My parents went to Jamaica for 9 days and I went home to babysit my niece. If you've been around my blog awhile you know that at first I was really worried about her arrival, and then tragedy hit my family, but through it all, from the first moment I saw her my niece had stolen my heart. It was an absolute joy to be able to spend 5 adult free days with her. Watching her cartoons, having snacks, playing baby games and just making it my daily mission to see her smile and laugh. It will probably be the highlight of my summer, if not this entire year. Something I’ll absolutely treasure as she gets older and we share new experiences. As ironic as it sounds, it was the best vacation I've had in ages."
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About Sincerely, Sara
"I'm Sara and I blog at Sincerely, Sara! I'm a grad student in New York and I'm working on my first novel. My blog is about my style, writing, books, movies, DIY, and finding inspiration everywhere."
Favorite Summer Memory this year
"My favorite summer memory would be when my friend Rachel and I went to see the Rain Room exhibit at the MoMA! Even though we waited in line in the hot sun for over two hours, the experience was so worth it. Rachel and I were giddy as children once we got inside and walked under the rain. It's completely dark except for one bright light at the end of the room. The sensors prevent the water from actually falling on you, so it's like you control the rain. Rachel and I took pictures of each other and laughed and never wanted to leave."
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About BEST.DAY.EVER and Mindy
"Hello! My name is Mindy and I blog over at Best.Day.Ever. It's a blog that is about, well ... the best days, the worst days and every day in between {sprinkled with as much pink as possible}. That's just a catchy subtitle that means I blog about the ridiculous day in and day out aspects of my life. And in ridiculous, I mean usually entertaining."
Favorite Summer Memory this year
"Coming up with my favorite summer memory so far is proving to be quite the difficult task. That is to say either I have had the most amazing summer in the world or the most ridiculously dull summer. Take your pick. ;) But I will go with watching a meteor shower ... while in a cemetery! I told you the day ins and day outs of my life were ... unique.
Please come visit so we can be friends! I am excited to meet you. :) "
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About Just a Small Town Girl and Megan
"Hi! My name is Megan. I'm originally from a small town in Alabama, but now I live in the big city in North Carolina. I have been married for 3 years now to my wonderful husband, Lee. I am first and foremost a follower of Christ. My faith defines who I am and how I live my life {and how I blog}. I am a 4th grade teacher at a year round school. I love reading, crafting, blogging, baking, watching football, traveling, and hanging out with my husband, friends, and family. I blog about my life and the things that inspire me. I hope you'll visit me at Just a Small Town Girl
Favorite Summer Memory this year
My favorite summer memory this year is taking the day off for my anniversary to simply spend the day with my husband. We didn't do anything fancy. We're not big gift givers, so there weren't any gifts. We just spent time together. I didn't worry about work or anything else. I just enjoyed the moment."
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I loved all their responses! I guess it's my turn to share my favorite summer memory. 
I think one of my favorite summer memories is getting a large sum of money from my boss. She knew that I so close to paying off my loan so that I can go back to school that she offered money to help. I was speechless. I found that incredible for her to do. I don't know what I will do to thank her but she deserves it.

Are you staying with PassionFurits? Is there another site that doesn't charge?
What have been your favorite summer memories?
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Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

there's another site I read about called adproval which doesn't charge. (so far)

My name is Lydia said...

I love these posts that feature lots of bloggers. I think you do a great job of networking and I appreciate it so much.