Thursday, August 28, 2014

#getmessyartjournal Aug Prompt

I am a little later on this post then my other art journal post but that is because my house has been switching schedules everyday so I never know what I am going to wake up too.  Anyways, here is my take on the Self Portrait in Objects. I went with a Totem Pole.
I know that I have Indian in my blood. You can't tell looking at me, but you can see the Indian in my brother. I also thought their culture and way of life was fascinating and sad. However, I do have a relationship with God. The one almighty. I believe Jesus came down, died and gave us the Holy Spirit/Ghost. Yet, I have always looked out to nature for peace and guidance. Not as a religion but as a reminder that God made this. For as long as I can remember I have had dreams about animals, usually only one type. Then to confirm my dreams I would usually see "signs" of that animal. Back to school supplies, greeting cards, gifts,ect. When I was younger it was always the beautiful unicorn. Then as I started to grow, my spirit animal became the dolphin. Playful, fun, curious. It surprises me how much that dolphin represented me at that time. Then about a year ago, I began dreaming of big cats, any and all. Tigers, lions, leopard. Though it wasn't til this year that the leopard was the cat that chose me. I still dream of it. To me, these animals represent me during times in my life. I topped my totem with the classic Thunderbird to syblom my heritage to the Indians. To me, it also represents my greatest wisdom and "protector". The animal I can count on through all of life, which to me is the red-tailed hawk. They are know through-out Florida and I can always hear them calling.

This Totem Pole represents so much more to me then just some animals that I like. This Totem has meaning and I will carry my Totem my whole life. Of course, as I grow older I will add more animals. My Totem will be a true representation of my life.
The text on the page reads- "This prompt took me almost the a whole month to figure out. At first I thought of using clipping of things I enjoyed. Then I thought about doing a painting of a girl. But one night. laying in bed, I realized the best would be for me to show off my spirit animals. That's when I knew I had to paint a totem.
My Spirit Guides=
Thunderbird (Hawk) [top] - Overall wisdom.
Leopard [second to top] - right now (20s)
Dolphin - my teen years; playful
Unicorn - my childhood; innocence"

I hope you enjoyed. There is going to be a video in this post, but I am still editing since my computer doesn't like my editing program. To see larger images go to my Flickr. These images were edited using PicMonkeyAffiliated link provided. 

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Carly Kaste said...

Love the representation behind each spirit guide. A totem pole was such a creative idea for this prompt, and you carried it out so well!

Vanessa said...

The unicorn is still with me (as you can see from my interpretation of this prompt!). I like the totem idea.

Briella Lane said...

I have never heard of a spirit animal. Very interesting take on the prompt.