Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goals // Home

Yesterday I wrote about how I have Goal finishing to do. I have finally sat down and wrote down what I would feel I need to do to complete each of my goals. Then I have went back and wrote down tiny steps I can do to help me achieve my main goals. Then I broke them down into categorizes; HomeHealth, WorkPersonal and Spirit. This post is going to be all about my goals relating to the Home. 

Home Goal 1-Purge
I would love to have my house purged of all unused, broken, untouched, random things. I have been learning that it's not about what you have but how you use what you do. I have a sickening about of stuff. I don't want to live like that. I want to live with what I can and give the rest to someone else. Ideally this means to me that I have everything organized and put away (or at least a place where it should go cause to be honest, Im a hot mess when it come to cleaning). In other words, have a place for everything. 

To achieve this really big daunting goal I have set myself some tasks to set me in the right directions. First, I need to I need to really know how much room do I have to store stuff in. Realistically, my closet should hold all of my clothes. Yet at the moment I also have a spare room holding extra. I need to see how many clothes my closet can handle and only have that many clothes. This also applies for other areas in my house, like bookshelves. Do I really need 100+ books I haven't read? Not really. It's time to really look at what I can do with each room and how much space is going to storage. 

Once that is done, then comes the hardest part, getting rid of. I know for a fact there is no way I can keep everything I have already. I have the mind set to rid myself of extra but I think knowing the space that I am working in will help. I be able to truly see if an item will be used or just going to hang out. That hanging out could be used for better. 

Then after I finish all that. I am pretty much done. Yay.

Home Goal 2-Clutter
I completely get this is just like the other goal. Yet, this was made because I wanted to free myself from clutter. Once I purge I won't have clutter. But the steps or tasks are a little different with this goal. 

First I need to figure out which room to start in. I know it seems easy but really how many of you have problem with just starting? I know I do. I think the first part is figure out which room do I need to tackle the clutter first. Most likely it will be my bedroom. Yup, keeping it real and honest on this blog. 

Then I need to write out what need to be done in that room. Most rooms will have the basic check list of vacuuming, wiping down walls, and ect but some rooms have furniture that need to be moved or donated. While other rooms require bleach, which is something I can't handle (but physically and allergy wise) so I need to know when I have to be out of the house while James works. 

Once I have done all that, then I can get down to business. It's time to back my words by actions. The rooms won't clean, purge or shine themselves. Only I can. Yet, since I have a list I will feel much more at ease. I won't have to do the whole room one day. Just because I already know what needs to be done is have the battle. 

Finally, after a room is completed I just repeat to the next room til all rooms are done. 


Plain and simple goals but they seemed much harder when I just had the word and no action for them. Now that I know what I need to get down and how to do, I think that cleaning will seem much easier. Yet to make sure that I am putting words into action I am posting here on the blog. I plan to update regularly with all of you so I can inspire and be held accountable. 

Do you have any cleaning goals still undone? What about goals in general? Do you have any cleaning tips and tricks? I could sure use some. Let me know in the comments. 

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