Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Unbagging // Family Dollar & Walgreens

James, my partner, has been working the last few weeks to help pay for my medical bills (we are usually just a full time student). Have good insurance helps but not when you have so much going on at once.  Since I have been in pain and dealing with alot of hard stuff, he decided to treat me last week to a little shopping trip. Nowhere fancy or expensive, just local places so I could keep cabin fever away. Isn't he the sweetest? <3
1. New pens because mine were dieing.
2. Mini pens, onsale for .25 cents!
3. Lunchbox Love Notes. I got these because they have really cute saying on them. 
4. Sticky notes in neon. .25 cents.
5. Rubber Hair ties.  .25 cents.
6. Highlighters in 6 colors for color coding in my planner (to come)
7(-12). WASHI TAPE ON SALE .74 cents each!! What a steal!
8(13&14). Hello Kitty Thank You note cards. .49 cents each.  

Yup, I spent less then $30 at Walgreens. I am really surpsied about those washi tapes. I couldn't believe it. They had other patterns but I am trying to only buy ones that I know I will love and use. 

I didn't put numbers on these because you won't be able to read them. However, I will still list everything that I got.

Start with top photo
1. Monsters University Night Light. Yup, cause in Florida you don't want to sleep without one.  
2. Correction tape (soo interesting HA)
3. Masking Tape for art pages
4. Dark Peril by Christine Feehan Book. Though I just found out it's number 21.
5. Ombre LA Colors Kit Purple. On sale for 2.10. Downside, one of those purples is pink. 
6. Alien Birthday Card, for me because I like it.
7. Reward Stickers, for my planner. 
8. Blank Notecards for penpals. 
9. LA Colors Glitter Purple. Because I had no purple in my nail polish stash. 

Bottom Photo
1. Maxi Baby Doll dress. GORGEOUS!
2. Infinity scarf for Autumn (in tropical colors haha).  
3. High Waisted Skirt in tribal (squeal!)
4. Maxi Dress. 
All of these were on sale for about 7, minus the scarf. These are all first for me. I have never had a maxi dress before. I also missed the band wagon for high wasited anything. I am really excited to start wearing these. And of course, blog about it! haha.  

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