Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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I don't have any plans for my summer but I do a Debut-a-Thon this weekend. I am excited to be reading so many new books that came out. So I got to thinking, I wonder what my sponsors are doing or reading for the summer? So I asked them and here are their answers. 
I'm Michael and I hang blog around over at CrazyTragic {almost}Magic where summer reigns supreme. After all, it is the best season! If there’s one thing I love about summer it’s laying out in the sun. Not that I need sun, but I need sun. Seriously. I’m pretty grumpy when it’s clouds for days. So if the sun is shining and I have nowhere to be you’ll find me asleep on my roof or down the shore.

Another favorite thing is making a good to-do list. This summer I'm planning on tackling my mile long list by taking in the sights around me, both in NJ (hello NJ aquarium) and NYC (nice to meet you Brooklyn Botanical Gardens); making a dent in my summer reading list; meeting some bloggers; taking a staycation with the boyfriend; redecorating my apartment; going to a concert or two, and of course, laying out in the sun! The summer months feel like one never ending weekend. When I’m not soaking up the rays or taking on a to-do list you’ll find posts on fashion, rants and raves, daily happenings and just whatever strikes me at the moment. I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on this summer so come over, stay for a while and don’t forget to BYOB – Bring your own blog that is! Beer is totally welcome too. In fact, it’s encouraged!
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What is on my summer reading list you ask? Well my list is looking a little slim at the moment. I’m really big into paranormal thrillers and romance novels with strong female characters but I think I have read the majority of the main stream ones. Lucky for me Affliction by Laurell K. Hamilton is coming out in the beginning of July, that is one book that has been on my must read list since I heard she was writing it. I just can’t get enough of the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, so good! I have been thinking about reading The Mortal Instruments series since I saw the trailer for the movie they made for it, seems interesting. Perhaps the Beautiful Creatures Caster Chronicles because I’ve been told the books are way better than the movie.

 I did just finish Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris but I must say I was quite disappointed by how it ended! I am a huge fan of her books and the True Blood series so I was hoping for mind blowing but that was not what I received… I don’t want to give anything away for those who haven’t read it so my lips are sealed on that one. Other than that I don’t have much else on my summer reading list, tweet me if you all have any recommendations for me I’d love to hear them!
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My Summer Plans:  This summer I am working as a Nanny for two little boys, full time!  I am going to see Monster's University, eat ice cream far to often, and go to a Christian Music Festival called Kingdom Bound, but I'm trying to save  money since I am Manhattan bound in August for college!  As a Fashion Major, saving money is probably the hardest thing for me. I even go to school and hear about clothing, shopping, and shoes ALL DAY LONG!  My shopaholic tendencies tend to provide a lot of blog subject matter though, so feel free to check it out at www.clearingpreppysname.com.  I am also a Rent the Runway Intern at the Fashion Institute of Technology, so I'm spending my summer prepping materials for the fall.  Stay tuned for a video promotion on Clearing Preppy's Name of my FAVORITE RTR dress!
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As for summer plans, it's winter here in Sydney so the swimsuits and shorts are hidden in the bottom of our drawers... for now! As an expat from America, I'm planning for an exciting trip back to the States to visit family and friends. Time for a taste of summer in the middle of this chilly winter!
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Aren't they adorable? I love my sponsors and their plans/reads for the summer. So join them next month on my sidebar so you can be featured too! Just click 'Sponsor' to join. Oh! and all options are FREE!
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