Friday, June 28, 2013

Debut-a-Thon: Goals and Updates

My Goal: 5 books. I know many of you think I have 19 listed as my goal but really that's in case I surpass my 5 book goal and have time left over to read more. It's a little over board but I blame it on my book nerd/hoarder self. 

Currently Reading:
A Mermaid of Brooklyn by Amy Shearn

Potential Reads: 
1. A Dying Fall // 2. The Caged Graves // 3. The Painted Girls // 4. Bronze Gods //
5.Clockwork Princess//6.City of a Thousand Dolls//7.Dance of Shadows//8.Eleanor & Park//9.Doll Bones//
10.If You Find Me // 11.Mind Games // 12.Stung // 13.Splintered // 14.The Crooked Branch // 
15.The Mermaid of Brooklyn//16.The Wrap-Up List//17.Tracing Stars//18.Unravel Me //19.Scarlet// 
*These aren't in any order
15 and 16 were removed because they aren't me. Sorry. 

06.30.13 10:46pm EST

Pages read: 399 (Unravel Me)
Books read: -
Total # of books read: .8

Pages read: 230 / 85% (The Caged Graves)
Books read: Unravel Me
Total # of books read: 1.8

Pages read: All
Books read: Dance of Shadows
Total # of books read: 3

Pages read: 18 (Scarlet)
Books read: Splintered
Total # of books read: 4

Challenge #3-->
A Unravel Me by me

*Please note that I did still this page from Books of Amber. If she wished for me to take it down, I will. I just like the way that she organized the page. 
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