Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Haul #1

Yesterday's post I talked about how I am a book nerd/hoarder. I also mentioned in yesterdays post that I want to open up more about my book nerd self. I want to not only do just the once a month post about what I am reading but do many post about books. 
Today I thought I would share my book hoarder side. It's true. I get it from my mother, although, I think she is worse. From the time that I could remember to now, my mother and I would buy TONS of books. We have been know to go out and buy boxes-yes boxes- of books. Of course granted since I have been out of Middle School these boxes are bought at a thrift stores. Usually the store gives us GREAT deals for the boxes, like $5 a box or free. Ah I love free books.
I love books so much that when James said that I could use his library card (my mother owes money on mine) that I ordered 20 books! Of course, I didn't read them all by the time that they were due so I had to give many back. I have realized that I only need to have about 4 for the week. Yes, sometimes I read one a day, other times I read 2 or none. It really just depends. 
Anyways, at the local library here, they have a HUGE book case that they sell books. Most of them are just old Mystery books that they have too many copies of but sometimes they have a good selection. Well about two weeks ago I happened to come in on the right day. 
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