Sunday, May 19, 2013

PTS Link-Up #5 : Literary Soundtracks

I am so EXCITED about the swap. I sent my package off Wednesday and I can't wait to see if my partner enjoyed  I also can't wait to get my package. This was an awesome swap. I would love to do this again.  
This week link up was a choice between Literary Soundtracks or Character Crush. It was hard to choose but once I thought about it became clear that I had to soundtrack. I just finished reading the series "Caster Chronicles" or "Beautiful Creatures Series". Ever since the first book I had a song that fit perfectly in my head. This is the perfect way to share it. 
Theme Song:
Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes on Grooveshark
Beautiful Creatures Songs:
Sugar, We're Goin Down by FALL OUT BOY on Grooveshark
Kissin U by Miranda Cosgrove on Grooveshark
Beautiful Darkness:
Paint It Black by Vanessa Carlton on Grooveshark
Tomorrow by Avril Lavigne on Grooveshark
Beautiful Chaos: 
House of the Rising Sun by The Animals on Grooveshark
Blinded By The Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band on Grooveshark
Beautiful Redemption:
Haunted by Kelly Clarkson on Grooveshark
New Divide by Linkin Park on Grooveshark
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Audrey Peeters said...

I loved this series,such good books! I think the song that you picked fit really well with the books.

x Audrey

Kimberly @ The Simplicity said...

I love Hunter Hayes (I currently have your first choice playing as I type this)!! I have a Beautiful Creatures on my Kindle but haven't read it and meant to before seeing the movie. As life has it, I didn't get to see the movie either so I'm hoping to tackle both. I also love Kelly Clarkson's Haunted and surprisingly listened to that song quite often while I cleaned my room in college. I despise cleaning so maybe it left an impact lol. Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice picks!