Friday, April 11, 2014

Currently + Art Vlog


  1. Listening...My video with "Cooler than Me"
  2. Eating...Nothing yet cereal really soon. 
  3. Drinking...Water. It is the only thing I drink anymore. I have been soda free forever now. 
  4. Wearing...Pjays because believe or not I just got up. 
  5. Feeling...Tired but very very creative. I wish I had a craft room or corner because I would be going through all the craft stuff. 
  6. Weather...Yucky and rainy right now. And cold. Blah. Where is my Florida Sunshine?
  7. Wanting...To eat, craft and shop at the dollar tree. You too? =]
  8. Needing...A job to support my unhealthy habit of following really cute IG shops.
  9. Thinking...About a really cool perler bead idea but I need to buy some first. haha.
  10. Enjoying...YOUTUBE! Seriously there are so many craft cute people on there and I have been enjoying every video. I wish my internet was high speed so I could really enjoy it. 
  11. Missing...My cat Koda. I miss him sooo bad. I had a dream about him last. It was good because he was a daddy with an adorable batch of cute kitties and a very pretty wife. 
  12. Dreaming...About my cat, a job, learning to really sew and a BRAND NEW TV
  13. Loving...What is going to happen tomorrow.
  14. Not Loving...That our bank once again has screwed with things. I am getting to the point where I just want have one anymore. 

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