Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In my bag 08.12.13

Since I am going to be starting school in like two weeks, August 19th!! I thought it would be fun to share what my purse has been carrying. I have been using the same purse all summer and I am so glad that it's held up. Course then again, it is a target purse, even if I did thrift it. {similar}

One | Medicine Mag
{similar, same brand} Out of everything this is HAS to go with me. It carries all my medicine plus a few girly item for just-in-cases. I bought one at big lots and was scared that I would wear it out so the next year I bought another one. So far, I haven't had to switch and it's been 5 years. 
Two Nikon Camera
{this one} Although, it's older then my phone it still take pretty good pictures. One day I would like to a more professional one but she works. I am totally up for suggestions for a new one.
Three | My Keys
James and I bought these for each other at Cocoa Beach. Mine says 'Goddess', James' says 'Genius' in blue. A little conceded? Yes but they didn't have our names and we thought it would be funny and it is. Oh and that green thing is a USB in the same of monster. {found here}
Four | Eye Glass Holder
That is not what you think. It is not a silver bullet, it's not a flask. It's my eye glass holder {similar} with my glasses inside. I got the glasses from my eye doctor and the case from a thrift store.
Five | Quarters
but not just pocket change quarters. Nope these are the collectors quarters. Yep, I am one of those. I love to collect money. Right now I am working on the 50 states, and then I'll collect parks. I also have a collection of foreign money. One day I will post about it. 
Six Burt's Bees lip balm
I love this stuff! I don't like any other but this, especially come winter. I have even try other lip balms from them but I love just plain bee wax; no color, no flavor. 
Seven Book Review Keeper
It's really a index binder that I got at the dollar tree{similar}  When ever I finish a book I write my review in here. That way I have a hard copy of what I read and if I liked it. Plus I like writing my review while it is still fresh in my head so this works great. 
Eight Book I am currently reading
I always like to carry the book I am reading around with me. You can see what I am currently reading over there ----->
Nine Blogging essentials
The blue is a "daily plan"  but I use it more as a to-do list{similar;to-do list}. It also works great for doodling on the back. I was given this by my secret Santa that I never blog about. The next is weekly mini calendar {similar}. I like having this to write down my blog post for the month and be able to take it on the go. You never know when plans might change or a new idea hits. The last thing is mini stationery cards and envelops {target's version}. I got these at a thrift store and I love sending them out with my mail. I love that these are mini so I have them no matter where I am. 
Ten My Volcom wallet
{very similar & cute-stach} I was given this one as a present 8 years ago. I can't believe that it's held up. And yes, I use ALL those pockets inside. I won't downgrade at all.
Eleven Sunglasses
{very similar} I love these. They are sooo dark. I have crazy sensitive eyes so these help a bunch (when I don't wear my transitional glasses). I also thrifted these--for less the $1!
Twelve PENS
I can not leave home without some kind of writing utensil {my favs}. I even carry one in my wallet in case the bank ladies(or others) forget to give me one. Yup, I have a plethora of them in my purse. They usually hang out in one of those side pockets. 
Thirteen | Chewing Gum
{this one} I get this habit from my mother but I love to chew gum. It helps with when I am thinking and keeps me on track. I also love the flavors, citrus is my favs!

Mossimo Supply Co. Celestial Backpack - Purple Wow! Who knew that I had t h a t much in that tiny bag of mine? I mean I knew I did but seeing it all laid out like that is just, wow. I even scaled down. I usually have a snack and other random things floating around. Only thing is my bag weighs a ton but I don't mind since I hardly carry. It's more of my cars purse.
Soon in a few weeks I will switching to a new purse for school. I know what yet but I will be updating. I would love to get one of those cute mini backpack at target. But I don't have the money. Maybe after my refund in September I will buy it. It isn't cute!!
{This is the one I want, and yes I check ebay----->}

What is in your bag or backpack? I'd love to know.
If you write a post, show me a link in the comments. 

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Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

I love seeing what people keep in their bags! I love the book review journal and your other notebooks! I always keep a little notebook in my bag in case I need to write something down!