Monday, April 29, 2013

Sponsor Me May 2013

All ad spot are FREE and have a promo. 

Stats as of 04.29.13:
Sites- Daily Page views: 20-30  Monthly: 700  Unique: 100
Media- Twitter: 102  Facebook: 49  Instagram: 25  Pinterest: 39
Followers- Bloglovin: 38 GFC: disconnected

Feature/Guest- Great for those that want to have a feature or guest post and would also like to have a place on my sidebar. 
Due to some issues, I have changed this. To receive the promo you must email YOUR post first and then I will give your the promo code to put in. I am sorry but I feel this way can insure a spot for those that would like to take over my blog. 
Your post will appear on Thursdays. 

Normal Ad- This comes with a basic twitter shout-out the day that you are approved. 

 For those that were looking for a full media shout out: I feel that I can't give the time that this spot deserves. Next month, this spot may reappear. 

Own a business? Want me to do a product review? I would be happy to review your product or services. Just send me an email at, so we can discuss more.

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