Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Documented Life Project 2015 // Week 1

The new Documented Life Project has started. Last year I found out about this amazing art group a little late. I still tried to keep up with the weekly prompts but I felt weird starting so late. Eventually I just stopped. This year though, I am going to try to finish - something I am not very good at. 

 Each new month DLP has a theme that their weekly prompts are based around. January's theme is Facing the Blank Page, which I find perfect for the start of a new year. So many beginnger are scared to do anything on that white page so these prompts are to help get over that fear. Within the weekly theme they give an art prompt, a material to use in your art, and a journaling prompt, an idea to give direction. Week One was released January 1st, giving an extra three days to work. The art prompt was to use "Book Paper", anything from a book/newletter/ect and the journal prompt was "Be your own Goal Keeper". Below is my idea for the challenge. 
The card reads "I will be my own GOAL KEEPER by...allowing myself change,growth and healing; I will explore and take on challenges; I will not set limits, call myself beautiful and most of all LOVE with all I have. -Cody Doll"
 I started this page pulling out one of the book pages I have saved from a not very good book. I then lightly brushed on some black paint so the word would blend in a little. Then I cut into uneven strips. I wanted them uneven to give them a grudge look. I arranged them the way I thought looked best and glued them down with regular glue stick (Elmer's Xtreme).  The I just used my felt tip pen (Sharpie) to write my marta/reminder of the year.
 Check out my Flickr for larger pictures. I plan on updating you guys once a week but we will see how that goes.

Are you in DLP? Are you doing any art? Share with me. I love fellow artists. If you aren't creating, give it a try. This has no "drawing" in and I've seen lots of doodlers. Good luck to all fellow DLPers.

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Mary Brack said...

Great work, Cody! I love your goal page. :)

Andie said...

Cody, I love this! I'm always so inspired by multi-media word art, and love seeing what you put together. I'm tempted to check out that document life thing, but, like you mentioned, I am sometimes (ahem!) not the best at following through....