Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily // Paint Samples Album

I have been hearing a lot about December Daily ablums/books since November. At first, I dismissed the idea since I am not a scrap booker or a project lifer. However, as Thanksgiving got closer I realized that I didn’t have to do DD in that way. I could do my own take on it. And since I am a Get Messy Girl and already in the art grove, it seemed like a great idea to try my hand at the mixed media approach to DD.

That is until I received my book, a red Leuchtturm1917 journal. I was really excited to start working on it and I already had several events I wanted to include. Then as I worked and then worked some more, I realized that this book was not the book I had thought. In fact, it wasn’t for me at all. The pages just didn’t react the way I felt comfortable.
That meant that on December 2nd, I had to come up with an entire new idea for my December Daily album. I had several ways I thought I could do it. At first I was thinking that I would join the rest and buy myself a Sn@p binder. I was thinking it would be a neat test run for the New Year and if I would really enjoy project life. Nevertheless, there was another idea that had me thinking about something completely different.
I kept thinking about the stack of long Behr paint samples in Christmas colors I had been hoarding. They were sitting right in front of me just whispering to me all the goodness they could hold. So I picked them up and messed with them. Somehow in the ten minute I had been playing with them, an idea sprung. I could stick them together long ways and leave a pocket area, perfect for 3x5 index cards for journaling or extra pictures from the day. I could than bind them together with binder rings.
So far I see some great advances to using these:
  1. They are FREE, so pretty much that means a very very cheap project. My kinda deal.
  2. They are already colored. That was a draw back in my journal because I would have to color or cut paper for every single background. This would be very time consuming and I want every sec I can to enjoy this season.  
  3. The weight is perfect for mix media. I can gesso over it and go to town with whatever I choose.
  4. The size is great. Granted a little small but during the busy month, small works best because then I am not overwhelmed with having to fill a page.
  5. I can glue them together so I have a pocket. Having a pocket gives me TONS more room to play with. For days that I am out and about taking a lot of photos, I just print them out and slip them into the pocket. Or if I have a lot to write about that day I can write back and front of a cheap index card. Plus slipping my journaling into the pocket makes it kinda private.
The reason you don’t see them already hole-punched and on binder rings is because I don’t have one of those fancy small hole-punches. I only have the regular binder one so I will be going out soon to buy one. However, I am not sure how well this will work so next week I might have something completely different. Haha.

Are you doing a December Daily album? If so, how are you doing yours? Link it below. If not, why not?  

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V. Nino said...

Cody, I have to thank you SO MUCH! I started art journaling, and my soul feels so content since I started. I've struggled my whole life trying to find my creative niche, and I think I have found it in art journaling --where pretty much ANYTHING goes :).

I can't wait to accumulate some nice pages to share on my blog and give you a 'thank you' shout out. (((hugs)))