Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Swapoween '14 Reveal

I knew that October was going to be a busy month for me and my family. I had my grandmother fly down, James was working alot and I knew the cold weather would be upon us. I didn't know how much of my Halloween wish list would get marked off so when I read Chaotic Goddess Swap was doing an swap for Halloween I was all excited. It was the perfect way to celebrate, even if I missed everything else (which I did).

I was parnted with Cheltee from Little Bitty Changes. She was an amazing swap partner. I loved getting to know her through emails. I am very excited about continuing our friendship. Above is what she sent me for our swap. I love everything. Look at that adorable Oogie Boogie Man mug she made me in the top corner! Everything was great. =]

I can't wait to stay friends with Cheltee. I also will be joining this swap again for next year. Did you have any Halloween plans? Did you join in a swap? Let me know below!

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1 comment:

Beth W said...

She MADE that? That's awesome! I love the socks, too. What a great bunch of festive, fun Halloween goodies. Thanks to both of you for joining us for the swap! :D