Friday, January 25, 2013

GUEST POST: Everyday Life

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It's the last day of Hand Writing Week. I hope that everyone has had as much fun as I have and has learned something new and meet some new and old faces. I have some very exciting new today. My fist every guest post is finally here! I have Becca with me. I am sure that most of you have heard of her by now. I was soo happy when she said that she wanted to be apart of "Hand Writing Week". Please go and check out her page once you get done reading her amazing post!!

HI I'm Becca from Everyday Life and when Cody asked me to do a guest post for her handwriting series I was thrilled. You see I'm from the old days when writing letters was the only form of communication you had with people out of state or countries. A time before emails, instant messaging and Skye. Now don't get me wrong I love all these forms of communications and that I can talk to people from around the world with a few strokes of a keyboard. However there is just something about sitting down with paper and pen and writing that is to me more personal. I like knowing that I took the time to put my thoughts on paper and that in theory I'm sending someone a part of me in the form of my handwriting. I enjoy it so much that I occasionally will send notes to people who ask or even when I send prizes out I'll include a handwritten note. I feel letter writing is becoming a lost art.

Anyways let me share some of my writing things with you. Right now I currently have a  basket that I keep my writing supplies in.
Things like colored pens, stickers and pretty paper.
I also try to keep boxes of cards on hand for birthdays and special occasions. 
For fun and because it is a post about writing here is a sample of my handwriting.

Well thank you Cody for having me over and nice meeting everyone Oh and remember the next you think of sending an email or digital card consider sitting down and writing a note instead I promise the person who gets it will be very pleased.


Isn't she the sweetest! I think her blog is great. Defiantly go and check it out. 
I am soo happy that this week's wonderful theme. I might do it every year...or not. Depends. 

One last thing before we leave. Let's hear it for::
Hi everyone! I’m Stephanie from Shades of Color Art blog and store. Shades of Color Art is an online store where I sell my original abstract paintings and handmade notebooks. It all started from my passion of color. I’ve always collected notebooks and one day decided to create one from scratch combining it with my art. Now, I offer original abstract paintings on notebooks, and personalized notebooks. Having my customers be involved in the creative process, make the notebooks special and unique for them. This is what I love the most. I started selling to my friends and family, until September 2012 that I decided to create my own online store and opened an Etsy shop too. I’m excited for this new journey and to be able to collaborate with other creatives like me.

I hope that you all have joined me and had tons of fun. Let me hear all about what you think and link-up with Monday's post "Show Me the Writing!" (just go to the end of the page and click 'older posts'). I have had a blast with you!

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