Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fotor.com Review

If you haven't heard, there is a new photo editing program on the internet. It's name is Fotor.com. I just heard about it Sunday and I thought I would check it out. Now I am HUGE picmonkey fan, like went and bought a monthly scripition fan so I didn't know how Fotor was going to work. There are a few pros and a few cons.

--Everything was FREE. I didn't have to worry about clicking on something that was for paid subscribers only. I don't know how long that will last though.
--Cute and many clip arts. It seemed to me there was about the same amount clip art as on picmonkey and many of the clip art on Fotor was something I thought that I would use.
--Used YOUR fonts. That's right. All those fonts that you've downloaded to your computer are available right there. Which is amazing. Of course if you don't have any, they provide some fonts for you. 
--You can see the photos that you edited in one setting. 
--Have apps for ALL phones. So droid, iphones and windows
--It also seems they have this program for every computer too. 

--Can't play much. What I mean is, if you put a clip art down and then move to add text, you can't move or do anything to that clip art. Same for visa versa and their effects. So you will have to plan what you do.
--Effects changes any clip art or text on the image. This could be con or pro depending on what you like but sometimes it's nice to change the color of the picture and not the text.

Above is a collage of some effects and borders that you can see using Fotor. The original is the top left hand corner. Beside that is a border effect, super cute! Then in the left hand bottom corner is yet another border. They have the most adorable lace effects. Beside that is, the feet taken to the right and I added clip art. I also changed the color of the photo, which you can see in the clip art. Then I added all the photos to a collage. 

Over all review:
It won't replace my picmonkey anytime soon but I think it's a really neat photo editing website that I will use to create even more adorable pictures for my blog. Plus I am kinda curious about

**I was not paid for this ad. I just that I would share.**


Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter 2013 Cara Box Reveal Vlog

I have had bad experiences with swaps before but I knew that Cara Box must be great because of how long it's been going on and because Kaityln from Wifessionals is awesome. I'm going to let her tell you more about it. (To watch my video, scroll down)

"cara (car-rah) noun  :  beloved friend

Cara Box is a quarterly box swap among women. It was created with the intention of connecting ladies, allowing them to truly get to know and encourage each other. This swap is primarily based around Instagram. Both bloggers and non-bloggers may participate, but being an active user on Instagram is a must.
Cara Box
"Why Instagram?" you may ask. Instagram is a quick and easy way to connect with other people. It gives us the ability to share glimpses of our lives and provides a platform for us to interact through short, encouraging comments or even a quick little "hello". By following your partners on Instagram, you are able to see things that they love, activities they like to participate in, and discover little details about what makes them who they are." 

During the winter 2013 swap, we were matched with women from our state, one to trade to and one that trades to us. That way we can "meet" two women. I thought that was really neat to be able to "meet" two people who could be around the corner. Also the theme this time was "Shine". Mollie was the one that traded to me and I gave to Patricia. I was able to finally able to pick up my package from my mother's. I decided that this would create a great video so that's what I did. You can find the video below. 

Also I decided to open my package that I won; a cowl made by Beka from Sunshine to the Square Inch. I think it looks great on me and I can't wait to wear it to class. Check it out in the video.