Monday, July 14, 2014

First Girlie Appointment

I have never had a the pap test or pap smear before. Although I should have at least a year ago, I snaked out of it. For some reason I felt like I should be ashamed of girlie appointments. However, I know it’s natural and much recommended for all women’s safety. Yet, with my health issues I knew I couldn't avoid it for long.  I was going to have to go in and it scared me to death. I had a bad experience with an OBGYN once and it totally effected me. Because I want to document my journey in the medical world and get rid of any fear, doubt and shame. I thought it would be best to share my experience with others, especially with those that might feel the same.

Thoughts BEFORE: I am sooo scared. I did look up what they do before hand so I feel more prepared. I also happened to be doing this appointment with a girl doctor I trust. Still doesn't take the nervous away. To be honest I felt so scared that I thought about going but I knew my health could be on the line. I might be scared about the happening part but I knew I would feel better knowing the results. Plus, I heard that it went fast so maybe that would help. 

Note: I learned that your not do anything with the inside of your vajay-jay 24-48 hours before the appointment. I am glad I did find that because the nurses never did tell when I scheduled.

Thoughts AFTER:  Luckily, I did some research before going so I wasn't walking in totally blind. I was surprised how well and fast the appointment went. The doctor was really nice and walked me through everything. It was a little awkward but not bad. I must admit I did feel a little pain, more like discomfort but it was over fast. The doctor found nothing so far alarming and I should know the results with this week.

Results: (to come).

Have you ever felt awkward or you an old pro now? Commit below with your thoughts and experience. You can commit anonymous or send me email if you wish to be private

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Carolynn Markey said...

oh my I know how you feel. I made my mom go with me to my first appointment. I was 17. It was SO AWKWARD AND WEIRD. Now I go every year by myself and treat myself to coffee at my local starbucks afterwards so I have something to look forward to. I also tried to get over how weird I felt and just ask any questions no matter how personal they might get!